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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Win a HTC Smart Phone

Zuujit Mobile Beta testers are needed for their mobile auction service and by participating, you have the chance to win a HTC Smart phone in the contest they are running.

If you own a smart phone or pocket PC, you can sign up to take part in this test and enter the contest as well. The contest starts today and ends on November 15th.

They are currently testing:

Windows Mobile 6 Professional Edition
Windows Mobile 5 PocketPC Edition
Windows Mobile 5 for Palm Treo
Windows Mobile 6 Standard Edition
Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone Edition

Turning your mobile into a money maker by using Zuujit is simple. They have made the process of listing on ebay very fast. Whether you an experienced ebay user or not, the process is not complicated. You can create and post, include photos, get all your buyers' questions and even send your replies. If you have an inventory of items, you can manage them as well...all right from Zuujit.

Zuujit gives you free storage for your photos, increases security of your ebay account, calculates the shipping costs for you and if you ever loose your phone, the secure servers of Zuujit stores your information.

This is another way to make your life easier.

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