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Monday, October 29, 2007

Tips for Driving In The Dark

There is a greater risk of car accidents at night. These accidents are usually more severe. Here's some safety tips when driving at night:

Dusk is one of the most dangerous time of day on the road. Slow down and increase your following distance. Keep at least 2 to 4 seconds behind the vehicle in front of you. Darkness can make judging distances harder. You shouldn't overdrive your headlights. You need to see this far in order to be able to slow and stop safely. Don't be blinded by oncoming headlights. Shifting your eyes momentarily can help. Use the white lines on the road to guide your steering.

And, of course, buckle up for safety.

Motor vehicles accidents are the most common cause of accidental deaths in the US.
Did you know...

Every 12 minutes someone dies in a car accident
Every 10 seconds an injury occurs
Every 5 seconds a crash happens.

Source: Osha/Business & Legal Reports

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