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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Time To Organize The Garage

With the colder months soon coming, I started to clean up around the yard. Putting the summer furniture away and the ornaments within the landscaping.

I also began cleaning out the garage. I'll soon want to put the car in the garage, but need to make room. My garage seems to end up as the catch all. Instead of putting an item away in it's proper place, I may get a tad lazy and everything just ends up in the garage.

I have decided once and for all to organize my garage so I have more space. My decision to install garage storage cabinets is probably the best idea. I can purchase an entire 10 piece unit and this will create a room within the garage. All my tools, rakes, shovels, the landscape ornaments, extra motor oil and even items like Christmas ornaments can be stored away. This unit comes with a large two door cabinet and I can even use this as an extension of my pantry. Instead of cluttering up the kitchen with extra paper towels, pot and pans I rarely use, I can store them in this large cabinet.

Actually I can't wait to begin this home project. As you know one project leads to another and I have a feeling not only is my garage going to be organized, so is my kitchen, and the closet that now holds my tools. I then won't be embarrassed when opening the garage door and have my neighbors think I'm so messy.

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