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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Inspirational Thoughts

Conflict robs energy. Peace restores energy.

Life tastes sweeter when you know it is yours to live.

To find your spirit, listen to the words you speak. To find your strength, be aware of the journey your feet have walked. To find you, own your emotional attachments.

When you feel forgotten, it is only because you have forgotten yourself.

When you try to take from someone else’s pocket, you will never feel secure with what you get.

Without hope you will never be able to reach for the future.

Hope is not easily defined for it is wrapped with many feelings and emotions.

Unless you can feel God’s breath upon you, you lose the meaning of who you are.

Once you lose hope in yourself, you are easily led astray by others.

It is difficult for you to believe in the future if you are buried by the pain of the past.

The souls that grow forcefully are the souls that eventually grow weak.

Fear is a cancer that spreads and grows

Move slowly through your spiritual development. Only then does it last.

To live a simple life, you must…

Be in the moment
Let bygones be bygones
Know that nothing ever ends
In order to find God, you have to believe in you.

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