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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ingenious Technology to Save Lives

Are you looking for ways to improve driver safety and possibly lower your insurance costs?

GreenRoad Technologies has come up with a solution by offering risk management.

This service is for you if you have a business with a fleet of vehicles and want to monitor your drivers or an insurance company wanting to offer a solution to their clients or if you have a teenager behind the wheel.

This ingenious way of obtaining feedback to assess the behavior behind the wheel of a vehicle can reduce crashes up to 54%, reduce at fault crashes up to 42%, reduce high risk driving up to 50% and even decrease fuel costs.

By implementing technology inside the vehicle, it will assess your driving maneuvers and then transmits the data to an Internet site that allows you to see where improvement is needed.

With so many teenagers on the road and accidents being the leading cause of death, this technology will certainly save lives.

Parents: won't you feel more at ease when your teenager is behind the wheel? I suggest looking into this service for peace of mind.

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