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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Camaraderie Building Event

When you think about camaraderie building events, you may not think of this one or think this one event could be successful. But it is!

My friends firm promotes many camaraderie events during the year. One such event is a paintball tournament each fall. Now this is not a promotion of guns or violence in any way. And, Paintball is in fact a very safe sport.

Any employee can participate and invite friends along. Women are also eager to participate.
Teams are then decided.
There on the paintball field, everyone is equal. There are no bosses, no managers or supervisors. The key here is teamwork and communication. Skill is not necessarily top priority. Working as a team while playing paintball carries over to the office.

Whether you are a casual or serious player, it is important to have safe participation. Paintball equipment varies depending on the type of paintball game being played. A full set of paintball gear may cost anywhere from under $100 to well into the thousands. You need to have a protective paintball mask, paintball guns and paintballs.
A favorite of my friend are spyder paintball guns. He visits and suggests his fellow teammates go to Ultimate Paintball for the best prices on equipment. There are many different products, but he usually seeks out the equipment packages they offer or the top selling products. He also saves some money with their free shipping policy.

So, although this seems to be a unique camaraderie event, it does promote communication, teamwork, presence of mind, strategies and even humor, as stories about the event carry into the workplace.


Anonymous said...

Employees of my workplace, and friends, have an outing at least once a year for this. As was sort of implied in the original blog, all borders associated with work are washed away, and the teamwork and camaraderie are the only things the end up mattering.

Our group this past summer ranged from about age 16 to about 55 - and it was great to spend time with such a diverse group of people.

At 45, it is quite special to take off running at amazing speed in order to protect your camarades, have your upper body over pass your legs, do a superman fall (quite spectacular), and still come up running, under the cover FROM your camarades. Nothing better than having your buddies cover your butt, like you do for them.

The lesson to be learned here is that no matter how old we are (or not), no matter what we have done, no matter what we are capable of, it is comforting that we can always rely on our friends to help us get out of dangers way, and get to safer grounds.

Inasmuch as the this works well in paintball, this works in life too. When you feel pinned down by enemy fire, look to your friends to help you get out of harms way, and get a closer and more focused view of your predicament.

In combat, in relationships and in friendships, if you are afraid to ask, you will never get an answer - even the one you want.

Never be afraid to ask questions. Never be afraid to weight the answers you get. Never be afraid to act on your instinct. Nor, fess up to those that did not work out for you.

You can't cross a chasm in two small leaps.

AC Associates said...

Well hello anonymous, thanks for visiting.
Glad to hear another company also uses this event for teamwork and camaraderie.
I agree...friends are important in life.
Thanks for sharing