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Friday, October 12, 2007

Do You Follow Up?

I believe many people forget to follow up. Whether it be with a potential customer, client or friend.
Could one reason be that you feel you may come across as being annoying or perhaps you feel there really isn't a need to follow up with someone.

Have you ever made plans in advance with a friend or family member and on the date you were to meet, your plans did not go exactly the way you remembered? Was that due to not following up to confirm or to make sure you both had the same things in mind? A simple, casual follow up call after the initial conversation, would had eliminated any confusion.

If you own a business, do you follow up with all current and potential customers? Following up is the most important thing to do. After initial contact, it is important to follow up within a short period of time. With current customers, a follow up call or email to just thank them for choosing your company. Maybe consider asking them if they were satisfied with your company or ask if they have any suggestions. This will show your interest and repeat business will probably come your way.

With potential customers, a follow up to prior contact will keep your business in the back of their mind. Perhaps this potential customer has truly been too busy to give thought about your service or product. Life has a way of keeping us all busy. When receiving contact again through a follow up call, letter or email, you again have another chance to sell your services or product without sounding desperate. Maybe the first time they received contact from you, they weren't ready for your services or product, but after receiving a follow up, they realize they now need what you have to offer them.

What if you are in the market for a new job? Some job-seekers don't follow up after an interview for fear of sounding desperate or annoying. If you do it right, you will come across as interested, not desperate. Following up job leads shows prospective employers your interest in the company and position -- and gives you another chance to sell your qualifications.

When receiving a comment on blogs and/or social networks, it is just as important to follow up and respond. I was lacking in this area myself, but I believe I am doing much better with following up to comments. I never realized that not replying to a comment might be taken as a lack of interest on my part. I am very thankful when receiving a comment and now I make it a point to reply and show my thanks.

I personally have a pet peeve when friends do not follow up after I leave a message on their voicemail. I left a message, so I would receive a follow up call, right? Keeping this in mind, I make a conscious effort to follow up whenever necessary with both my personal and business dealings.


Ajayprabhu said...

See the things is,we or most of the people say one thing but when it comes to apply ,very few people do it or able to do it because follow up or doing what you said in words require some sort of commitment and displine which lacks many...As far business dealing concern ,by my observation and understanding I found those company who follows or care there customers are more successful than others who don't follow..You touched and mixed and me too doing same things as I think ,the most important discovery of human beings is relationship and good relationship require follow up or care or commitment to grow at least in intial phase but when tree grew it require less follow up or care because understanding at that time become so big that everything we can do without follow up.Thats how I see it........

AC Associates said...

Hi Ajay...can I call you ajay?
I love reading your comments. You are so right on the mark.
I think some people may not do what they say or follow up to what they have said because it DOES take some committment on their part. Being responsible for their words.
As I mentioned, I am making more of a committemnt to follow up in both personal and professional areas of my life. AND, it feels good to have reached this small goal I set for myself.
Also as you mentioned, all relationships...whether romantic, friendships, or family needs committment, communication and compromise to survive and grow.
As always, I appreciate your visits very, very much.
Many Blessings to you

Ajayprabhu said...

Ya,you can call me Ajay...I like your thoughts and thats why I like to comment on your site...

AC Associates said...

Thank you Ajay for such a compliment.
I appreciate your visits and your input. I look forward to your comments.

Ajayprabhu said...

Somebody said....Don't only be close to someone who makes you happy.Be close to someone who can't be happy without you...It makes a lots of difference in life...
How ru?

Robin Lee Sardini said...

You know, AC, you are so right about following up. I was just thinking how I might go about sending an individual welcome to each of my newest community members at MyBlogLog. I am not sure I can keep up with them ;-) That's a nice thing, though. I do follow up with comments as soon as I can. Thanks for sharing!

AC Associates said...

I haven't heard that quote before but it sure is the truth.
Thanks for sharing.

Hi Robin,
Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts. I was lacking in the "following up" department,but have since tried to do my best both in my professional and personal life. It does make a difference in many situations. Although it can be time consuming as you mentioned with a message to all your readers, but if you do alittle at the time, you will succeed.