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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Free, Easy to Enter Contests

For those that love entering contests and winning some great prizes, here's a site for you.
At free sweepstakes you can win electronics, appliances, DVDs, clothing and much more.

The twist to this contest is instead of a computer randomly drawing the winner, the readers decide on who the winner should be. You need to register for a FREE membership. Find a prize you would like to win and then enter that contest. When you make it to the semi finals, you write a post as to why you should be the winner. The readers then vote who they think the winner should be.

You can enter as many contests as you like. No purchase necessary to win any contest. You also can view others' posts and if you like what you've read, you vote a "get". A get is a vote. The one with the most votes, move up on the page.

If you'd like some carefree fun, enter some contests and cast some votes. Who knows, you may also be a winner of a great prize.

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