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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Uptown Saturday Night

Within the next few months people will take a get away trip to Florida to escape cold weather, visit relatives during the holidays or just take a quick break from the hustle bustle of their busy lives.

If you are planning such a trip, make sure you include a stop at St. Augustine. St. Augustine is the Nation's oldest city and you can expect to feel the charm and romance of St George Street.

A poplar event happens at the end of each month: Uptown Saturday Night. The festivities begin on the last Saturday of each month, October 27, November 24, December 29th and so on.

From 5pm to 9pm, you can expect a party like atmosphere and can take advantage of the incredible St. Augustine shopping. The antique district comes alive and offers many opportunities to find that rare treasure. Participating shops will welcome you by offering wine and other refreshments as you listen to live music playing in the streets. You may even want to attend an antique workshop offered by some antique dealers.

Other features of Uptown Saturday night are the exhibits of some of the finest Florida artists, book signings and The Mission of Nombre de Dios, which will provide you a feeling of peace and tranquillity. The Mission of Nombre de Dios will also provide free parking during this end of the month event. From there you can walk the cobblestone streets of St. Augustine and explore the galleries, Ripley's Musem, sign up for a ghost tour, take in all the shops or even take a carriage ride to observe the sights.

The whole atmosphere of St. Augustine surrounds you with pleasure and a sense of belonging. I can't pin point what I like the most. Maybe it's the antiques and the delight in finding a special piece. All I know is that the the whole experience is one that makes you not want to leave.

A must see town, especially on the last Saturday of each month...

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