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Monday, October 22, 2007

On My Travel Wish List

My recent visit with a known celebrity is always a pleasure. Such a warm and giving soul with great stories to share.

He has three homes: One in London, Beverly Hills and Hawaii. I have never visited these places, but I am able to visualize each as he describes them.

We have talked about when I would visit London and I have no answer for him yet, but I did look into resources for the most competitive rates for London accomadations. The offer to stay with his family is there, but I would be more comfortable staying in my own hotel.

I found one site at Cheaper than hotels, which guarantees the lowest rates on the Internet. They offer these outrageous last minute deals, which includes free extras and these rates apply to 5 star hotels. You also have the option of paying a deposit, but paying the balance owed on arrival. That's the first time I saw this option and I liked it.

If the day does come when I can visit London,I will be looking forward to seeing The Tower of London, St Paul's Cathedral and the many other major attractions he has mentioned.

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