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Monday, October 15, 2007

Building Green

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

On October 15th - Blog Action Day, bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone's mind: Our Environment

I have already included several posts on this blog concerning our environment. From tips to save in your daily life to curb your carbon footprint to green news around the world.

Today's post is regarding tips for Building Green.

To determine how to incorporate green building you need to look at your goals. Is a family member sick or do you want to reduce your utility bills or are you just concerned with the state of our environment?

Don't overbuild~ Build to meet the needs of your family and this will reduce the cost of building and reduce the cost to operate and maintain your home. This will have an impact on your finances and the environment.

Design with minimal waste~ Building a house with 2 foot modules will help reduce waste. Most building materials are manufactured in two foot increments, so using value engineering will reduce the amount of material waste. Producing less waste on your building site, will reduce disposal costs. The National Association of Home Builders Research Center recommends framing 24 inches on center rather than 16 inches on center.This alone will save about 30% of the framing studs.

Placing the water heater and HVAC unit centrally in the home will reduce the amount of material needed to carry the best heat and water to its destination and will increase the efficiency of the units by reducing the amount of energy to get there.

Make homes efficient~ Designing to conserve resources during the life of the building is considered green. Use the maximum amount of insulation recommended for your geographic area. Use water saving features.

Use recycled or recyclable materials~

Build recycling centers in homes

Find a green builder who use equipment software to test and simulate a building's performance. You can use the following resources to learn about green building programs, professional and incentives available:

Source: Business Education Guide


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Great post, I think this "day" was a good idea.

I saw you were by the Worlds Largest Record Breaking Awards Bonanza. Thanks for coming!! It was really fun to do, and see so many talented people.
Stop again anytime, congratulations, and have a super week.

Eric "Speedcat Hollydale"

AC Associates said...

Hi Eric,
Thanks so much for your visit and again, honoring me with an award of Community Blogger.

I agree with you. Uniting all bloggers to post about the environment was a great idea. This is such an important issue. Bringing awareness can help us change what's happening around us.