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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Your Heart's Desire ~ Principal 6

Choose To Support Your Dream With Love

At this point, you are progressing to choose how you want your 'dream' to happen. This Principal is about control and action.

You must realize by now that whatever it is you want to create, it will take choices and action.
As this principal states: "Choose to Support Your Dream With Love". This means that your focus must support your dream and requires your love to make it happen.

How many times throughout the day do you want to do something or create something, but your own thoughts or actions sabotage your success? You have the power of choice. This must start and end with you.

When you choose love and enthusiasm to Your Heart's Desire, you are setting up the whole process to begin.

Don't fall into the trap of creating your dream for someone else or what you think someone else expects you to do. Do it for yourself! Somehow you should try to create a your dreams into your life instead of sacrificing them for others.

Enthusiasm is contagious. People who work with love, attract it into their lives. Working with Enthusiasm, brings it out in others.

Choose one action each day toward your dream. If you do, you will attract all the love and enthusiasm of the Universe.

Whether you meditate or not, repeat to yourself: I choose only helpful actions and support my heart's desire. Mentally, emotionally and physically.

Coming Next: Principle 7 ~ Surrender Control

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