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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Inside Every Woman

I am always looking for a good book to read. Whether it be on self-improvement, inspiration or Business/Entrepreneur topics.

I found an incredible book titled, Inside Every Woman, written by Vickie L. Milazzo. Ms. Milazzo was recently listed on the Top 10 Entrepreneur List. She has dedicated her life to training and mentoring tens of thousands of women. Using her experience as an entrepreneur and business coach, she has taught women that making simple adjustments in your life can bring about positive changes.

This book reinforces that Inside Every Woman, is the strength to pursue what they want in life. You will learn how you can overcome any obstacles getting in the way of your goals, achieve what you want in your life and be successful in your career. Inside Every Woman gives you the tools to unleash the 10 forces within you.

I found as I read this book, it gave me a boost in confidence when I encountered problems faced in the early stages of my business. Reading Chapter 1 and learning the 5 promises you should make to yourself, really made me believe that as a woman, I can do anything. I realized there are strengths that I possess, but I might not tap into on a consistent basis. We need to make a commitment to ourselves over the length of our lifetime, not just today, tomorrow or next month.

I would recommend going to Vickie L. Milazzo's web site and reading the first chapter. It's FREE
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Discover your spirit, boost your self-esteem and use your hidden strengths to enrich your life.
Inside Every Woman is a must read

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