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Monday, September 24, 2007

Link Scam Exposed

In the blogging sphere, I find for the most part bloggers support one another. We believe, trust and hope that we all have the same morals and ethics. On occasion we find there are people who attempt to take advantage of others and are dishonest in their approach to acquire links for those interested in rankings. And, at times these same people offer promises they have no intention of keeping.

A few weeks ago I came across an offer to review a blog to receive a link back that would increase my website ranking. Although I was not interested for that is not my reason for being involved in blogging.

However, I noticed some of my blogging friends did take advantage of this offer, so I did alittle investigating. What I found was disheartening. The site offering their links was not who they suggested they were. They mislead, were dishonest and have ignored many requests via email to verify their offer.

There were questions floating around if this site was related in anyway to I was hoping that was not the case, for I have 10 published articles at and have had only a positive experience.

I wrote to regarding this and received an answer:
Sep 24, 2007 3:28 PM
EzineArticles Support wrote:
Hi Andrea,
Thank you for notifying us of this.
We do not have any affiliation at all with this website/blog.
Thank you,
Member Services Specialist

I hope this answer from makes anyone who thought they were involved more comfortable.

My personal blog A Circle of Women is mentioned in the below post from my friend Bobby.

If you reviewed the blog mentioned in the below post, it is my opinion you take action by removing your review post or link. It disturbs me that trusting individuals were scammed into believing they would receive a linkback which is very important to others.

This is an excerpt of Bobby's post: Link Scam Exposed
When I think of Ezine, I think of a reputable site(s). Don’t you also think of E-zine as being on the up an up? I was unethically tricked into writing a post, Ezine Link Love, to help improve my page rank. I hate to see them involved in internet scams.

Andrea from A Circle of Women and BeachBum, both pointed out to me that has a page rank of 0. I already knew that but assumed the links would come from one of Ezine’s other sites.

Here is the url of the scam site:

Continue reading here:


Bobby said...

Very nice Andrea! It's good to know that the real Ezine articles site has no affiliation with

I do think that should do something about it. If anyone has done their requested scam post, change the text to something like mine and remove the link to them. See my link post for them here:

Thanks Andrea! I will update my new scam exposed post to include a link to your post. Thank you so much for the help!!!!!

AC Associates said...

Hi Bobby,
I, too am glad to know that is not affiliated.
I am disturb by this scam and after hearing how links actually works, this was as you said..."a slick move", but a move that won't go over very well to the many who believed in them.

I hope to hear a more positive outcome surrounding this site.

Ajayprabhu said...

Fact is, honesty become more precious than diamond itself.So expecting honesty from anyone where money or self interest is involved is riskable.Well,thats how life become...

AC Associates said...

You are so right Ajayprabhu...honesty is precious.
I guess we all hope that people won't take advantage or outreightr promise omething they had no intention of doing.
I have seen money change people and some do become more selfish or self-centered.
Thank you for visiting

sunglowinc said...

Thank you so much for the help!!!!!
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