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Saturday, September 22, 2007

More Tidbits....

Freezing water in plastic bottles creates toxins....false

The substance in plastic that would make you sick is called phthalates. This substance is added to plastic to make it more flexible. According to Rolf Halden, Ph.D, an assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University, Phthalates is only released when the container is heated, which is why you shouldn't microwave plastic. Freezing actually works against the release of chemicals.

Do You Slouch?

Slouching restricts the upper body nerve function by up to 60%, according to a recent study. Slouching can cause back and neck pain, as well as headaches. Look into exercises that will straighten your shoulders

Writing as a Medical Treatment

In a Harvard University Study, cancer patients who wrote about their feelings 30 minutes each day, experienced improvements in immune system function and reported fewer symptoms. Researches say that keeping a journal keeps stress at bay and helps increase coping ability.

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