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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Vacation Homes in Orlando

My friend was in Orlando, Florida last week for the World's Softball Tournament. A group of his friends went also. Instead of choosing to stay in multiple hotel rooms, they had looked into Orlando rental homes as an alternative. Some of his friends brought their children because they had off from school, so renting a home was not only more comfortable for all of them, but more affordable.

They booked their trip online after seeing photos of the available homes and split the cost. They had a choice between 2 bedroom condos and up to a 7 bedroom home. If they had each booked hotel rooms, they would have paid much more.

What a great idea this was. The comforts of home, their own private swimming pool, they didn't have to worry about bumping into other guests and the kids had a game room to play in.

I think next year I am going too!


Morgan said...

Yes, it is a wonderful and affordable way to secure lodging. We live in the Lake Tahoe area and quite often 2-4 families will rent a house for either the entire summer or winter season. They rotate their visits so everyone gets equal time.
One thing that is neat is when they first arrive, they can leave all of their belongings at the rental and not have to deal with luggage on their next visit, whether traveling by car or plane. Talk about convenient!

AC Associates said...

Hi Morgan,
Thanks for visiting.
I agree. When my friend told me about this I couldn't help but think why I didn't do this myself when vacationing.It beats staying in a hotel.