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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Your Heart's Desire ~ Review Principals 1-7

Before I publish the last two Principles of creating Your Heart's Desire, I wanted to post links to easily review the previous 7 principles. If you are having trouble successfully imagining your dream, making a commitment, having a hard time focusing or not able to give up control, you may want to review the previous principles to see what you are missing.

Principal 1 ~ Bring Your Dream into Focus

Principal 2 ~ Gain the Support of Your Subconscious Mind

Principal 3 ~ Imagine Your Heart's Desire

Principal 4 ~ Eliminate Your Obstacles

Principal 5 ~ Be Open to Intuitive Guidance

Principal 6 ~ Choose to Support Your Dream

Principal 7 ~ Surrender Control

Everyday people should do this or do more spiritual,lead the life you really want, do things you really love doing. People nod their head and answer...yes, someday.

Someday can be TODAY. The reviews I have presented on each principal show you how you can start to achieve Your Heart's Desire starting today. I found by reading Your Heart's Desire by Sonia Choquette didn't make me feel smart, it made me be smart.

Trust yourself, believe in yourself.

Miracles do happen!

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