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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Looking for a Great Technology & Internet Marketing Blog? Try Databanq Media

I have stumbled upon an Internet Blog provided by DataBanq Media.

David Bayer is President of DataBang Media who offers superb quality content on a wide variety of subjects on this technology and Internet Marketing blog.

One post titled 'How to Value an Internet Marketing Company',offers their perspective on lead generation and search marketing. Did you realize that 71% of online advertising generates leads? That is quite a number and is still growing.

Also on this technology blog,you will find their view on Social Networking, which explains in detail how communication, context and tools play a part in keeping people interested in these trendy sites.

My thirst for knowledge kept me reading every post. You can clearly see how experience and professional writing plays a role in the content it delivers.

I recommend reading DataBanq Media's blog for quality content on informational websites, business directories, search engines and publishing platforms.

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