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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Who's Your Hero?

As I was drove to work today, I noticed all the children waiting for the school buses to pick them up. My mind drifted back in time when my son was still in school. Of course his major subject was sports. He was, and still is a natural athlete. He excelled in football, basketball and baseball. Even now as an adult, he still plays on a basketball and baseball league, but overall, basketball is his life.

His hero was and always will be Michael Jordan.
Once an Olympic athlete, he is considered to be the best known athlete in the world. My son lived and breathed the Chicago Bulls. I took him to his first Bulls game and he was just an awe. I myself couldn't believe the size of this man's hands! He could palm the ball like it was a golf ball. After watching Michael Jordan play, I noticed he started to move just like him...flying through the air to dunk the ball.

At times my son lacked confidence or experienced frustration when some of his school subjects became a struggle for him. I did what I could to keep him motivated and help him keep a positive attitude. That didn't always work.

I thought, if I could do one thing for my son, it would be having Michael Jordan appear on our doorstep to give him the inspiration to keep on going. If he wouldn't listen to me, I know he'd listen to whatever Jordan told him.

That lead me to an idea about our school system. Wouldn't having an Olympic athlete or sports speaker appear at our schools to give kids encouragement, confidence and teach them how education is important be a great thing? Having someone they admire teach them how they can overcome all the odds and succeed at being the best?

I believe kids would definitely listen to them. Having a champion who represents leadership and coach them on what it takes to accomplish their goals. Someone they look up to and admire would spark their interest and listen to what was being said.

What are your thoughts on this?


Ajayprabhu said...

I agree with you..

AC Associates said...

Hi, thanks for visiting. I really believe this would help the kids...
nice to know someone else thinks so too.