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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Your Heart's Desire ~ Principle 7

Surrender Control

In creating Your Heart's Desire, you must use all your energy, in every way. When you align all your energy directed toward your dream, you are setting up the perfect conditions for Divine spirit to work.

Once you create this atmosphere, you can now allow the Universe to work magic. Putting the process in God's hands, having faith. If I lost some of you here, I understand. But, I believe we must all have faith.

Faith can mean having the confidence in the future based on what you have done in the past. If you set up all the conditions are described in Principals 1 - 6 (see previous posts), this is what it means to have faith.

Timing is Everything

Energy moves in cycles and dreams take time.

The best way to find faith is to forgive anybody (which includes yourself) that may have hurt you or let you down in the past. Sometimes when we don't forgive and protect ourselves from further hurts, we really are keeping the attention attached to the pain. Choose to view old hurts as necessary steps to get closer to your dream. Success can be viewed as an outcome of failures.

Are you fearful of faith? Look around you, take a breath...look for the beauty and the miracles you can find everyday.

Believe you are worthy of receiving the miracle of your dream. Principle 7 is about patience. This world is so hurried and we all want instant gratification. Instead, move away from those thoughts and let the universe move into your heart.

It's easier to trust or believe when you use all your senses...seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting the reality of our desires, but...does this mean that's all that exists? what about your insight? Listening to your intuition...

Have faith, surrender to the universe and go with the flow


Laurie said...

This number 7 is tough one for me. Surrendering control is easier said than done. Although, if you think about it, if it's my choice to surrender, then ultimately I am in control. (I can talk myself into anything) But really, I just wanted to say I love this Heart's Desire series.

AC Associates said...

Hi Laurie,
Ah...surrendering is hard, but as you said, if it's your choice, then you ARE in control. (did you just talk me into it too?~ haha) Choices are made to control something, someone...letting faith in is surrendering.
I'm so thankful you stopped by and let me know you enjoy this series. I'm not sure if anyone is really reading...
It's one of my favorite books. Simple terms and ideas,but we don't use them enough. This book was given to me by my brother and it truly has helped.