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Monday, September 17, 2007

Internet Marketing Program Launching Tuesday Sept. 18 ~

I recently just posted about a new program that recently launched that will bring traffic to your blog.

Now I want to fill you in on DealDotCom.
This program is ready to launch on Tuesday, September 18.

Permanent Lifetime Two-Tier Commissions. How does that sound to you? It got my attention...

This site sells anything and everything related to building an online business, increasing traffic, monetizing your website, blogging, web design etc etc... If you are already buying these types of products, members of dealdotcom can buy the same products for much less. The catch is: they will sell only ONE product each day for a very low price. There will be a limited amount of each product and will only be available until it sells out. To buy the product you have to get there fast.

How do you earn commissions?
When you refer others to DealDotCom and they sign up for their FREE account, they will forever be linked to you. Each and every time those members purchase a product, you receive a commission...permanently.
If those members refer others, they will be put on your second tier, which will earn you 15% commission.

I know many people don't believe in the tier marketing system, but it does work. Think of Donald Trump...he is at the top of his tier and his closest associates working under him is basically on the first tier...those people are earning him money, right? Then you have people working under the first tier...which become the second tier. Who do you think is reaping the profits? Donald Trump!

Maybe you should look into DealDotCom before you pass by what can be an opportunity to earn additional money.

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