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Monday, September 3, 2007

Finally Went Digital !

I've always enjoyed photography. My friends and family hardly ever see me without a camera. I like having photos around to remember the memory. Like it's frozen in time. I can look back and enjoy the memory all over again. It's amazing how you can capture a beautiful image or one so full of emotion.. Photos can make you laugh or bring you to tears.

Cameras have come a long way...from high school learning how to take a picture with tin cans to the advanced technology of digital cameras. I know digital cameras are on most people's wish lists come the holiday season, but I thought I didn't' need one.

I have changed my mind and treated myself early. I deserve it, right?!
Due to the arrival of my first niece/goddaughter, I wanted to easily capture the precious moments of her life. Film her as she develops her personality, her first smile, takes her first steps. I now can take as many shots as I want using different angles and poses. I enter the date and time, so I can organize and locate the pictures later on. When the cameras internal buffer is full, I just transfer to my memory card. This is a wonderful thing! I can't believe I waited this long to go digital.

With my conventional camera, I had to finish the roll of film and then take it to get developed. Sometimes that took a while and on several occasions, I was so anxious to see the pictures taken, I wasted a few shots just to get them quickly developed. It was also a hassle to send pictures through email and share with family and friends.

Now, with my digital, I can easily and immediately view these moments. Print them when I want. Having family who live miles away, We can stay connected through these images. Sharing in email is so much easier. Glad I finally went digital

Do you enjoy using a digital camera?

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