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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tidbits of Information

Siestas Keeps Your Heart Strong

According to the Archives of Internal Medicine, a study involving 23,000 adults determined that three 30 minute midday naps per week reduced people's risk of suffering a heart attack and dying by 37 percent. Additional found was that even one or two naps each week lowered the risk of heart related deaths by 12 percent.

Author Dimitrios Trichopoulous, MD offers the theory as to why dozing helps defeat heart disease. He says that cat naps can ease heart damaging stress. If you can't take a power nap during your lunch hour at work, at least try a nap or two over the weekend.

Playing Video Games with a New Purpose

According to a new study at University of Rochester, playing video games can improve your vision. Researchers tested gamers and found that they outscored non gamers by approximately 20 percent. Games teach your brain to focus on the important things and filter out distractions. Video games give you the ability to focus on a target shape or focal point according to C.Shawn Green, MA

Source: Men's Health

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