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Friday, August 24, 2007

A Thank You Gift from Me to You

Just to say Thank you.

Whether you just stopped by AC Associates for a visit or if you have contacted my office to request additional help and information or if you completed a transaction with my company, I want to offer you a FREE gift.

Owning a home is a valuable asset. It holds all of your possessions, but nothing is more valuable than your family that reside within it's walls .Protecting your family should be priority and taken seriously.

Nat Alarm has agreed to allow me to present this Free Gift of a Basic Security system. The $99 Installation fee will be waived, which equals FREE. Nat Alarm has over 100 years of experience and the latest technology available in security equipment. Their ratings reflect the highest customer satisfaction and fastest response times in the industry.

The below coupon is yours to use. If interested, please contact me and mention FREE gift. I will need to collect contact information from you to pass along to Nat Alarm.

This is what you will receive with your Coupon:

1. Security Control Panel
6. Power Supply
2. Key Pad
7. Backup Battery
3. Motion Detector or Glass Break
8. Police, Panic Features activated
4. Three Door Contacts
9. Yard sign & window decals
5. Interior Siren

• We are not kidding all of the above is FREE with no cost for equipment
• Save up to 20% on your Homeowners insurance with a security system
• There is NO installation fee either, it is also FREE
• There is no trip charge with Warranty service, that is FREE
• If you move we will move with you for FREE

Thank you again for stopping by AC Associates

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