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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sponsored Posts: Valuable Content & Clicks to Prove it

I recently read a post about people not taking advantage of the opportunities presented to them on a daily basis to make extra money. Whether it is overlooked because they don't want to take the 5 minutes to learn about an opportunity or they don't believe making money could be that easy, I think these people are missing out.

One area of controversy is Sponsored Posts. Many believe that writing sponsored posts is 'selling out' by monetizing your blog and that readers don't click on these posts. These same people feel the content of these posts have no value. I am one that disagrees and have determined that I have received more clicks on these sponsored posts than the google or other ads I present.

Now there is backup to my findings. payperpost has released data from over 40k bloggers and 8k advertisers to prove that readers are clicking on sponsored posts. On average, 10.545% CTR to be exact and they click through at a higher rate than any other media I am aware of. That is quite a finding!

I am not suggesting you don't use other forms of advertising on your blogs, just consider all avenues and be assured that sponsored posts do bring real traffic to your site. I have personally received comments stating they just read a great post and other comments stating they have used the service or product I reviewed and gave positive feedback.

In my quest to help others by supplying information, PPP sponsored posts is making it that much easier and when receiving such positive reaction, I will continue to do so. I suggest you give PayPerPost a try and see for yourself.


Linky Love said...

CTR of 10 is great!

PPP works fine if your residence is US, for the rest of the world: since PPP has 50.000 posties: it can be hard to catch a good opportunity to write about.

Extra posts on you rblog keep your blog even more alive than it already is, and that's always a winner!

Thanks Andrea for using my badge, are you using the new one (with top ranking list at ?). Once ranking on top in a categorie, you can become blog of the weekend.

Feel free to review me and I will return the review back :-)

AC Associates said...

Hi Linky Love,
Thanks so very much for your visit and comment. Yes, I think extra posts that contain value is a winner. I'm hopeful that in the near future more opportunities will be available.

I'm using the badge indicated at the top of your page where it indicates to copy html...if this is the wrong one, please direct me.
Thanks again

Linky Love said...

PPP must be overwhelmed by their own success, so at this moment The offers are way to little for the supply of posties.

One strategy suggested by is stalking PPP 24/7 :-) (it does work for her, she is US based!)

The badge you are using is for the good old fashion blogroll exchange, the other one you get the HTML code in email when you join for free at

It's a toplist of most visited websites befriended to Linky Love and: once you reach the top of your category, you can become featured blog of the weekend.

A bit more work for you but a lot more Linky Love in return :-) said...

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AC Associates said...

Z money,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I can not determine how much money you can make. You will need to go to PPP and apply to see if your blog can be approved. There are many ways to make money online. Review some of my older posts for some examples and ideas.
Good Luck! If I can help in any way, please contact me.