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Monday, August 13, 2007

Do You Know About "I C E"?

How many have thought to put 'emergency contact' numbers in your cell phone and/or address book?

It seems no one leaves the house without their cell phone. It has become an extension of us.

"ICE" stands for "in case of emergency". Paramedics and hospital staff advocates cell phone users store emergency contact information in their telephone number list.

Emergency services personal sometimes face difficulties in locating family or interested parties if a victim is found unable to respond to questions. Even if a victim is found with ID, that doesn't mean that information will lead to relatives.

Here's how you add an "ICE" entry in your phone: For the name: put "Ice" or "ICE". Do not place anything else next to the entry. Then place the contact
number of the person you want called. Place a few "ICE" entries in your cell phone.

You could also store these emergency contacts in your phone or address book as; Mom, Dad, Brother, Husband, Son etc...

Place at least one "ICE" number in your cellphone or in your address book today!

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