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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Your Heart's Desire ~ Principle 3

Imagine Your Heart's Desire

You need the support of your subconscious mind to carry you into the third principle. It comes through your imagination.

Your imagination is where a dream takes give it movement, color, sound and size. Like a garden, you are planting the seeds.

The idea is in your mind... the details , how you are going to do something, what you are planning. You cannot experience what you can not imagine.

Have you ever noticed someone imagining the worst case scenario, instead of something positive? What happens? They fear the worst so strongly, which in turn sets their senses and emotion going and bring what they fear right to them.

If you are someone that fears the worst, so you won't be disappointed later, you are setting yourself up twice for upset. First by the disappointment itself and second, by attracting it.

Touch whatever Your Heart's Desire is in your mind. Can you see it? What does it look like? Create Your Heart's Desire blueprint. This energy will take over your thoughts, take over your emotions and moves into your life.

In your garden of imagination , don't let the 'worry weeds' take over. Let's say you want to make money online. Your worry weed is..."yeah, but..."
yeah ,but... the competition is strong... yeah, but I don't know how...yeah, but they're all scams...yeah, but...yeah but

Pull those weeds immediately before you start believing them. Protect the imagination seeds you planted. Imagine putting a fence around your garden of Your Heart's Desire to keep the weeds from growing.

If you want something you think is impossible, imagine being surprised with something better. If your dream involves cooperation from someone, turn it over to a higher spirit by saying...bring to my dream all necessary support. Then let the universe work on it.

Feel your desire with images that will motivate you. Envision your dream as a movie in which you are the star.

Every night before you go to sleep, imagine Your Heart's Desire, upon wakening, do the same. Don't feel the need to share your dream. Save the energy for yourself.

Find a place where you can relax. Breath deeply and then exhale. Closing your eyes.
Imagine a beautiful day with a clear blue sky
You take your packet of seeds containing Your Heart's Desire and start to plant them in your garden. What will it take for these seeds to grow? Think about more attention, more love, more commitment, more focus.
See yourself covering these seeds with the soil rich with your conscious and unconscious mind filled with Your Heart's Desire.
Now see yourself putting a fence around your garden. Protecting your garden from any weeds.
As you breath, stand back and admire your garden. Watch your dreams grow strong. See the blossoms.
When you are ready, open your eyes.

Coming Next: Your Heart's Desire ~ Principle 4 Eliminate Your Obstacles

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