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Friday, August 10, 2007

Online Money Maker: Open an eBay Store

In my prior post, I talked about starting your own business. Today I want to bring you another idea on a part-time or full time home based business you can operate.

Open an eBay Store

Did you know there are 193 million shoppers on ebay? and that number is growing. 193 million! That number is incredible.

If you dabble with selling a few items on eBay here and there, why not think about opening a store of your own and display many items at once? There you go, a blossoming business.

Maybe you are thinking of having a garage sale or maybe it's time to get your house ready to sell and you find a lot of items will not be moving with you. Don't throw away or give away these items. Sell them on ebay ~ in your own store and reap the profits!

If you think this is hard to do, think again! 3 Steps and you are done:
Step 1
Register as a seller on eBay
• Confirm a valid email address
• Open a seller's account with credit card and bank account

Step 2

Open an eBay Store
• Meet eBay Stores subscriber requirements
• Build and customize your Store

Step 3
Stock your Store and Start Selling
• List items to sell
• Promote your Store and items

All the tools and information necessary for you to be successful is available to you within the eBay site.

eBay Stores is the Leading, Comprehensive E-Commerce Solution.

There are three level stores you can choose from:
-Basic Store: an ideal solution for sellers who are just starting out and want an affordable and easy-to-use platform to sell online.
- Featured Store: a more comprehensive solution for small-to-medium sized sellers who want to aggressively grow their online business.
- Anchor Store: an advanced solution for higher-volume sellers who want maximum exposure on eBay.

So, if you are just starting out, more experienced or advanced, you can have your own eBay store and increase sales and profits. You can possibly make this a part-time or full-time business. The choice is yours.

Open an eBay Store!

Happy Selling!

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