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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Join Me at The Alzheimer's Memory Walk

I ask that you join me in the nation's largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer' Disease.

My family was overwhelmed when my grandmother developed this disease years ago. I was only a teen at the time. It was confusing and painful to watch my grandmother, who by then moved in with us, live day to day with the struggle battling within her. One minute she was living in the present and the next she was living in the past. I remember how I cried when she didn't know who I was and how scared she was thinking she was among strangers...seeing the empty look in her eyes. Running out the door to get away from us.

I watched as over time how she deteriorated and it affected her daily life tremendously. Things you and I take for granted, like brushing your teeth, using the mother had to do these things for Grandma. Raising a spoon or fork to her mouth was a chore for her.

My mother was sole caretaker because back then, there weren't facilities or the support there is today. We need to continue to raise awareness. Imagine in this day and age, there is still no cure for this disease. Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk is one way we can do our part to contribute to find the best treatment for symptoms, the right services and support. We can help make the lives of millions affected by this disease better. Since 1989, Memory Walk has raised more than $225 million !

Alzheimer's Memory Walk is nationwide and I encourage you to sign up now. Team Captains are also needed. Please sign up early, so you have enough time to recruit a team and raise funds for the cause!
Recruit your co-workers, family and friends. This is such an important charitable cause!

Please visit Alzheimer's Association. You can locate the nearest walk in your area, volunteer your time, sign up to walk or be a Team Captain. If you raise $500 for Memory Walk – you may qualify to win a weekend getaway from the Harrah’s Foundation to Las Vegas. There is no age requirement to walk for Alzheimer's Memory Walk. We all need to come together and do our part to help fight this disease. This is not just an aging disease, this is a brain disorder. The cells in the brain fail and eventually die.

In memory of my Grandmother,I will become a Team Captain and my members will walk on October 7, 2007, in Princeton, New Jersey. If any of my readers live within this area, please contact me and be a part of my team. If participating in the walk is not possible, please consider making a donation To Alzheimer's Memory Walk.

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