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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Myth About Microwaving

I've recently read an article that says Microwaving does not kill nutrients in our food. In the past, I have read and heard negative things about cooking in the microwave. This article was at least something good to read.

With my busy schedule, I use the microwave alot....reheating foods, defrosting and yes, even cooking some foods.

Every cooking method destroys some vitamins and nutrients in food. According to Ashim Datta, Ph.D, a professor of biological engineering at Cornell University, a microwave has been found to eliminate fewer nutrients than conventional cooking. He says it is because the destruction of nutrients depends on both temperature and cooking time.

In a microwave, vitamins are exposed to the heat briefly,so more nutrients are retained. The most heat sensitive nutrients are water soluble vitamins, such as folic acid and vitamins B and C.

Suggestion: don't over cook your food to retain more nutrients

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