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Friday, January 18, 2008

Welcoming Change

In my previous post, Do You Know Where to Find Opportunity, Hye from Space of Reality commented that she agreed with me that people are afraid of change. Some adapt better than others, some even love change,but change sometimes scares people and hinders them from finding and acting upon opportunities, being successful, trying something new, proceeding with a dream or dealing with a good or bad situation.

Let's have an 'ah ha' is change. You need to let go of the thought that life is predictable, easy or happens the way you think it should. Welcoming change, expect change. Whether good, bad, difficult, destructive, even change in our daily routines. It's bound to happen.

If we fight change, we are actually hindering ourselves. A much better way to deal with change is to accept it and then proceed. Being rigid and resisting change will probably feel more painful.

There is much more to this universe than we can ever understand. If we are fearful of change, we should be gentle on ourselves and patient. Find a way to relax and make peace within our self, so we are ready to deal with what the universe is handing us.

When change presents itself, it may feel awkward and not at all normal. I know when I have a change in my daily morning routine, I feel 'off', but realize I didn't have control over it and then just go with the flow. It makes things go much easier for me. I say to myself...well, it was meant to go this way, so be it.

If we are afraid of a big change, then it might help if you broke it down into parts. Overcome each part and feel good about each part you successfully master. You really don't need to get yourself overwhelmed looking at the "big" picture.

In the midst of change, you can also find the familiar. Look for the familiar that still remains and remind yourself there is still that feeling of normal in your life.

We must also realize that change eventually ends and that very change will become familiar. Afraid of starting a new job? At first it will feel like change. You might feel awkward or uncomfortable, but within time, that will eventually fade into familiar.

If we take a step back and evaluate the change that may be entering our lives, we may see information or wisdom. A lessen learned, a blessing in disguise or a door opening and waiting for us to step through.


Space of Reality said...

I agree with everything you said here AC... By the way, I am a she, not he... Thanks :D

Space of Reality

AC Associates said...

Hello Hye...
I'm glad we share the same opinions. We have been on the same page several times already.
Oh...sometimes my brain thinks faster then I can type and I make these typos. I believe I knew you were a she...I'm sorry