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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Food Magnetism is the Healthy Way

We're only into 5 days of the New Year and I can't tell you how many people told me their resolutions included some form of diet plan

Let's face it, diet pills and starving yourself will not help you lose weight and keep it off. It will not tone your body. You might shed a few pounds, but it is not the healthy way to go.

I have been reading about this new diet plan. Before sharing this, I wanted to be more knowledgeable, so I subscribed (for free) to the mini weight loss program. It's more than a plan. It involves reconditioning your mind and that's what I like about it. You need to change the way you think to be successful. This plan includes how to control your thoughts, overcome cravings, how using meditation and yoga can be just as effective as exercise to fight fat. If you allow stress in your life, one of the side effects can be to actually gain weight.Did you know that? This plan teaches you how to relieve stress, how drinking water is essential, the concepts of food magnetism and many other lessons.

Of course we all know that you can increase your metabolism by getting more active, but if you don't use all the elements to balance your body, I'm afraid your plan may not work creating disappointment. What happens next? You stop and lose interest. You're right back where you started.

Before you try any gimmicks, pop too many pills or pay a lot of money to join a gym, read up on this and get your free mini diet course delivered to your email inbox. What do you have to lose? besides the weight that is....

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