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Why learning is important..."It is critical that a company create the kind of environment in which people really believe they can learn, grow, and prosper. The focus has to be on developing people."


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Learn How to be a Super Affiliate

Do you belong to many affiliate programs? Are you making money? If yes to both of those, are you satisfied with the money you are earning from referrals? Are you satisfied with the service you receive from the advertiser themselves?

As I surf the Internet and browse through many, many blogs, I see affiliate programs are the most common advertised. I wonder how many of you are actually 'in touch' with the company you are advertising.

At the top of my blog I have posted:

Why learning is important..."It is critical that a company create the kind of environment in which people really believe they can learn, grow, and prosper. The focus has to be on developing people."
I believe in that.

With my own company affiliates, I keep a close connection. Using emails, even the phone, we are able to discuss and share any concerns, questions and ideas, so we can make more money. After all, it is my job to help my affiliate. Can you say the same about the companies you are affiliated with?

Are you bored, tired and less motivated to promote the service or product you are affiliated with? Do you want to do more than putting a banner on your site?

I belong to a few outside affiliate programs myself and I know I can't say that those companies keep in touch with me at all. Although their client base must be huge, I still believe it is up to the company to find some way to motivate and help their publisher. Sometimes is not about quantity, it's about quality

Let me tell you about a new approach in affiliate marketing. Pepperjam Network knows what it takes to make an affiliate program work. Not only for the publisher, but for the advertiser as well. They understand what is lacking in other programs are the tools necessary to be successful. Understanding that educational materials must be available to help publishers become super affiliates. They have even introduced affiliate chat, so you can instantly feel connected.

Pepperjam Network is empowering the advertisers to get involved and to build a relationship with their publisher. If it weren't for the publishers bringing in the referrals, how successful would their product be?

Joining Pepperjam Network is free. If you want an opportunity to take your affiliate marketing to the next level and learn how to grow and prosper, join now.

Below I include a press release from PepperjamNetwork

Pepperjam Announces Launch of Next Generation Affiliate Marketing Network

Pepperjam, a two-time Inc. Magazine fastest growing company and industry leading full-service internet marketing agency, today announced the launch of Pepperjam Network, a proprietary next generation affiliate marketing network.

If you are an advertiser or affiliate and would like to sign-up for Pepperjam Network please visit

“Pepperjam Network represents an evolution in affiliate marketing. The creation of Pepperjam Network represents eight years of research and development and the combined ideas, feedback, and intelligence of hundreds of affiliate marketers and advertisers. Pepperjam Network will forever change the face of affiliate marketing by putting power back in the hands of affiliates and advertisers to build long-term, profitable partnerships through better communication tools and transparency,” said Kristopher B. Jones, President & CEO of Pepperjam.

Among a variety of affiliate marketing enhancements, Pepperjam Network addresses the two primary shortcomings of other existing affiliate networks, namely (1) poor, unreliable communication tools and (2) lack of affiliate transparency. With Pepperjam Network, affiliates and advertisers can communicate in real-time via Pepperjam Chat™, thereby providing a reliable communication system to build stronger, more profitable partnerships. Pepperjam Network also provides advertisers with an unprecedented measure of affiliate transparency, which helps to establish trust, protect brand integrity, and lays the groundwork for open, long-term, profitable relationships.

Pepperjam Network also introduces pepperjamADS, which is a first-ever affiliate marketing widget that affiliates can use to serve customized contextual ads from one or multiple Pepperjam Network advertisers at the same time.

Pepperjam Network was designed to make the experience of affiliate marketing profitable and educational, with the goal of allowing affiliates and advertisers to truly understand and maximize the critical affiliate marketing channel.

Unlike the traditional networks, Pepperjam Network uses Web 2.0 technology to provide affiliates and advertisers with an easy-to-use, cutting-edge interface designed to facilitate and optimize the affiliate marketing process. For instance, Pepperjam Network offers industry leading source-level tracking and reporting - this robust technology is especially beneficial to search marketing and sophisticated super affiliates that want to take advantage of the most up-to-date technology available to track commissions at the keyword level.

Here is just a sample of what many industry experts are saying about Pepperjam Network:

“Even after all these years using Commission Junction on the merchant and affiliate side, I still find it terribly clumsy to find what I want. With Pepperjam Network it is quick and easy. Pepperjam Network is what an affiliate network would look like if it were built from a wish list from both the affiliate and merchant perspective,” said Shawn Collins, Cofounder of Affiliate Summit.

“As both an advertiser and a affiliate, I am on the lookout for affiliate marketing systems that meet all our company’s needs. Pepperjam Network is without a doubt the most comprehensive, practical and useful affiliate marketing system I have seen to date. Pepperjam Network demonstrates that it is possible to combine style with substance in a network that provides site owners and advertisers with tools and resources to increase their bottom line,” said Joel Comm, New York Times Best-Selling author and CEO, InfoMedia, Inc.

About Pepperjam:

Pepperjam is an industry leading full-service internet marketing agency offering marketing services and advanced technology in the areas of pay-per-click, search-engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and online media planning and buying. The company was founded in 1999 by internet marketing expert, accomplished speaker, and published author Kristopher B. Jones. Pepperjam has received numerous awards and achievements, including recognition by Inc. Magazine for two consecutive years as one of the fastest growing privately-held businesses in the United States. Learn more at



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Thanks for the information. I think we should communicating with our affiliations to understand well the program. I think I should practice that :D

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Hi Hye,
Thanks for adding me. It does make for a better relationship all around when communication and support is available. Having a personal relationship will also be motivating.
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