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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just Another Tip for Affiliates

As I search the web, drop cards with Entrecard and search for products and/or services, I find one thing abounds....Affiliates.

A lot of people want to help you make money online, some even show their profits on their blogs. Some share tips, bring about awareness of new items, promotions, companies, services etc...

With that being said, I guess I am no different. Awareness brought on by someone else can help you succeed in where ever your interest lies.

I found an affiliate site that is backed by the WCCL Network. What is this? It's a network that promotes self development tools, window utilities and products for writers and artists utilizing affiliated sites.

The company the WCCL is behind is, a dedicated support site. They provide up to 50% commission of their niche marketing tools. You are allowed to purchase products for yourself using your affiliate number to earn the commission. If anything, this is a way to save some money on the products you are interested in, buying for gifts etc. You receive the percentage back on the sale via PayPal after 35 days.

Their products and/or services are grouped as:

Internet Business Tools

Privacy Tools


UK Products

Windows Utilities - Software Street

Writers & Artists

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