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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Do You Point Fingers?

An interesting observation is how negativity surfaces from people pointing fingers at others for activities or making money from their blogs or whatever the situation may be. This touches all areas...personal, business, political

But, do the ones making accusations or judgments ignore their own activities or decisions?

Have you ever come across a blog post that shouts how people have lowered their standards or are selling out by putting advertisements, affiliate programs etc on their blogs and all the while, that same finger pointing person has ads or affiliate programs on their very own blog ? It just baffles me.

My feelings are a person has a choice to do what makes them feel comfortable.What is garbage to one person, may be a treasure to another. If you are able to bring information of value to anyone, why not make money doing it? Is it right or wrong? It's a personal choice. Using some form of advertisement has been around for a long, long time and I don't think it will be dissolving anytime soon.

I myself have been alerted to many valuable products and services by way of ads. From TV, radio, blogs, newspaper etc... I am sure you have too. Some I chose to use, others carry no value to me. It's all about choices and what interests me. Those people supporting ads, did make money. Why is it in the blogosphere, this topic is one of major concern?

This also leads me into thinking about the ethics and personal responsibility involved in the political world. How many fingers are pointed at someone who accepts gifts, discounted services or have marital affairs in a governmental position? And again, those same finger pointers ignore their own activities. Negative campaigning? I think it just makes people cynical of all parties involved.

If you are pointing fingers at anyone and for what ever the reason may be, I think you should first examine your own activities and practices.

Have you ever had a friend mad at you for something of which they so graciously and quickly pointed at you, but in reality they ignored their own actions and decisions by having done the same thing to you or others?

What are your thoughts? It just irks me when I see or hear of someone pointing a finger at someone else and all the while they are personally doing the same as the ones they are pointing at.

Maybe developing a personal code of ethics is the answer.

Character is doing the right thing when nobody's looking. There are too many people who think that the only thing that's right is to get by, and the only thing that's wrong is to get caught.


Selene said...

I agree there is so much hypocrisy in blogging. Bloggers need to refrain from doing exactly what they post not to do or they shouldn't hit the publish button.

AC Associates said...

Hi Selene,
THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was beginning to think I was the only one that felt this way.
I've only been blogging for 9 months and I am puzzled by some actions.
Thank you for visiting...

miss_moneymaker said...

I agree with you both too.

Zubli Zainordin said...

Interesting post! I prefer to share my view on the same note. Okay, one blogging principle I wisely apply is inclusion. This is a concept and an approach having voluminous dissertations as a foundation. It contributes to the solidifying of excitement of blogging within this bloggosphere. Some bloggers are aware, in part, I initiated the *Recommended Read* Award to bloggers sharing vital and valuable information through blogging here. In relations to a finger pointing one, whereas Zig Ziglar, term this as *A Fault Finder*, this is my experience...a popular blogger here told me, the contents at my blogs are worthless. I ask him politely, show me a good worthy one. This blogger mentioned 3, so I go for a visit. Next I visited the blogs by this blogger. Yes, I agree with you AC2369, the one with a finger pointing, is the one who can brighten this bloggosphere, whence this blogger begin to share worth and value at the blogs this blogger authors. Well, it takes a nice individual to see niceness in others to a level of nicenessnizationness. The opposite is obvious.

Bobby said...
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Bobby said...

We all have the freedom to do what we like in blogging! I do point fingers on my blog all the time but it is only about trying to help show people that being greedy and snobbish because of ranking or income is a bad example and representative of the lack of ethics among many elite bloggers.

To judge someone because they have ads or whatever is wrong. If someone writes light hearted posts without substance, they are often judged by high ranked blogs as being a waste.

I read my friends blogs and try to give them support...I don't care if their blog is about shoe boxes...I read it because they are my friend!

I think it's healthy to incite a intelligent discussion about things but I draw an ethical line when it comes to judgment or making someone look bad.

Great post Andrea!!!!

AC Associates said...

Hi Miss Momeny maker,
Thanks for visiting. I'm glad you do agree and I'm sure there are others who do too.

Hi Zubli,
Thaks for visiting and sharing your usual insights. Your kind words are so appreciated. Your blog is so are a giver.

Hey Bobby,
Nice seeing you here. Thanks for your input, BUT, I in no way, shape or form was hinting that this post has anything to do with you and your finger pointing..., As we discussed, there is meaning behind this post.
As always, I value your opinions, ideas and knowledge.