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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

DIY Credit Repair

I have taken the time to put together an article on How To Remove Bad Credit from your Credit File.

This information will help correct your credit and it should be done with all Credit Bureaus.

I have personally used these methods and had much success removing negative items, collection accounts that were not mine and removing errors contained in my credit report. You will be amazed at what is listed on your report.

You are legally able to obtain a FREE credit report every 12 months by calling each Credit Bureau. If you were turned down for credit, you can request a copy of your credit report and have the company that declined you outline why you were turned down for credit.

I will show you ways of removing negative items from your credit file. These methods are sometimes referred to as "Credit Repair".

These are the exact same methods credit repair clinics and attorneys charge up to $2,500 or more to perform. Since they don't always do it correctly, people have been taken for millions of dollars over the past years.

You can outsmart creditors who are damaging your credit!

Now may be the time you are looking to refinance or apply for a mortgage. You certainly don't want to be turned down because of negative items that could have been removed. You may think it is not necessary to take the time and perform each step to remove negative items. I can assure you it is very necessary. Your credit affects you every time you apply for a loan, apply for a credit card, or want something put in your name; a utility, a cell phone. Even car insurance companies are checking credit reports. At some companies, your rate is based on your credit score. Why would you want to pay more? The simple solution is reviewing your credit report, correcting any errors, remove negative items. This article will show you how and your credit score will improve.

Remove Bad Credit

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