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Friday, January 11, 2008

Do You Know Where to Find Opportunity?

Unfortunately, there is no sign on the wall telling us where opportunity lies, but…it is important to understand that how we view opportunity is what is important.

Opportunities are either handed to us, uncovered by us, or created by us. You can create your own opportunity. We must realize opportunities often comes disguised as a problem, challenge, or obstacle.

Thomas A. Edison once said..."Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work." Each person has a choice...your opportunity depends on our attitudes, perceptions and choices. Frequently if a person does not have goals, they will miss opportunity. Each action we make is a choice. Within a choice are alternatives.

How many people miss opportunities because they are afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone? Confidence, taking a chance, believing in yourself is the first step.

Some people are afraid of change, BUT...change can be an opportunity.

Do you know what you want? Do you want to start a business, start a blog, volunteer, buy a home, sell your home? Expand your horizons; read and learn about what you are interested in. Increase your knowledge. Read, learn, grow and prosper!

Develop a plan and make a commitment to follow through. If you are thinking what you had in mind isn't possible, look again. The old saying..."when one door closes, another door opens" certainly is true. If you constantly focus on the one 'door', you may miss out on the other doors presenting themselves. Keep an open mind. Believe that anything is possible...truly believe it!

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Hye said...

You are right. If you are afraid of change then you will close yourself from opportunities. I also agree that sometimes, opportunities do not appear to be opportunities at all. All we can do is to trust our instincts and go for it. Give ourselves a chance...

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AC Associates said...

Hi Hye...thanks so much for visiting and sharing your thoughts.
You are right on too! Change is something people are afraid of, but it really can be a door of possibilities. Believing in ourselves is SO important. If we make a mistake, so what...we learn and try again. Taking a'll never know unless you try.

Ajayprabhu said...

That's true..Above all argument...Change is law of nature..Its "God"s favourite sports..

AC Associates said...

thanks for adding your thoughts. I will be writing about 'change' in my next post.

Fran said...

Thanks for such a motivational article. Change is always the better. Some more good job descriptions opportunities waiting for you.