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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Light at The End of The Tunnel

We have all heard the bad news. The real estate market is suffering. More than two million adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) are to reset at much higher rates in coming months, worsening the housing market.
The mortgage crisis rippled into the nation's economy and the average price of a home is on a decline.
Foreclosures are at a record high and will only worsen. It is a sad state of affairs.

Based on that news, it has many people worried. The national news we hear may not be reporting what is actually happening in your area or how it is affecting the state you live in. You may have noticed the interest rates have come down, which will allow more interest in home buying, but do you know what is happening in or around your local area?

I came across a blog that points to 'light' shining on the real estate market. Are we just hearing all the bad news and the good news is being left out of the reporting? I believe sometimes that is true. It seems the bad press surrounding Cincinnati Real Estate is not exactly true. The stats for this area are showing:

* Buyers' or Sellers' Market: About 50-50
* Average Time on Market: 60-90 days
* Market Trend: No Change
* Compared to last year: Up 0-5%
*Only 5% of homeowners have a non-prime or sub-prime borrower with adjustable rate mortgages

Those are pretty good stats. When you have an experienced professional reporting information in your area, you can rest a little bit easier when looking into buying or selling a home. I found that Amy B believes it is her job to inform and educate the people in her area. This is one realtor that loves what she does and it is projected in her performance and services she offers. Her blog, provides motivation and information regarding her local real estate market.

I found to be a very professional and easy to navigate site, which offers a grand list of resources available. One of the services she offers provides Home Staging. That is key for a home seller. She plunges in immediately with her marketing and creates a custom plan appropriate for each client.

Using MLS, Internet Marketing, upgraded advertisement, virtual tours, electronic lock boxes for safety, incentives for the seller/buyer, I'd say she goes above and beyond her call of duty. The team working with her strives to provide a smooth transaction. She wants her clients to feel supported, so she offers herself 24/7.

More real estate professionals should take the time to educate as Amy is, while providing services which will allow buyers and/or sellers to be successful.

Be sure to stay informed on what is happening in the market surrounding your area.


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