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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Dial 811 for Damage Prevention

Each year, thousands of hits to buried utility lines occur. When this happens, it creates serious legal, financial consequences, personal injuries and sometimes even death.

The Federal Communications Commission approved the use of '811' as a national "call before you dig" telephone number. There are 62 one-call centers across the United States. When someone dials 811, they will automatically be connected to one of the call centers in their area. They will in turn route your call to the appropriate utility company. Your utility company will then send out a professional locator and mark your lines. When you know what lies underground, you can digg safely and protect you and your family.

The 811 campaign targets diggers--professional escavators and the do-it-yourself homeowners. According to a recent national survey, half of Americans are active diggers, who have done or planning to do some type of digging project at home. Only one-third have called or will call to get their utility lines marked.

National awareness of 811 will hopefully improve damage and injuries stats.

One easy call to 811 starts the process to get your underground utility lines marked for FREE.

Many homeowners often make assumptions they do not have to call even when doing small projects...planting trees and shrubs. This can be a vital mistake. The depth of utility lines can vary. Digging without calling can disrupt the whole neighborhood--service can be interupted, harm those around you and possibly result in line repair costs.

Be 811 before doing any project at home

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