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Thursday, June 28, 2007

What Motivates the Need for Power in the Workplace?

The need is like a 'drug'. The source of this drug is 'pride'

When working for a leader who needs power for their sense of well being is a demoralizing experience.

Employees become the personal staff of the one in power when working in a power based company.

Can humility be the antidote for this drug?

Humility shouldn't be confused with weakness. Author Jim Collins calls the tension between personal humility and a fierce professional will is the best way to prevent or undo the ravages of pride.

Leaders who are characterized by humility are determined to harness the influence and authority they have been given to achieve results through hard work and innovation.

Humble leaders know their stengths and aren't afraid to use them. Also equally aware of the weaknesses and welcome feedback to stay on course and enhance their leadership

According to Kogan & Company, a leader should not be:

  • Rigid
  • Small minded
  • Insecure or defensive
  • Selfish
  • Distrustful
  • Overly malleable
  • Poor Listeners
  • Dishonest - financial dishonesty and not following through on their word given

Do you agree or disagree?

Source: Ioma

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