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Monday, July 30, 2007

Home Tools for the Single Woman

More and more single women are purchasing their own homes due to women becoming financially independent. After married couples, single women make up the largest group of purchasers, compared to single men who make up 9 percent of home buyers, according to a survey by National Association of Realtors.

Home ownership for a single woman, can make them feel independent, secure, boost their self worth and it is a safe way to plan for the future.

Having your own home leads to home decorating..adding your personal touch. Tackling Home improvements projects yourself not only saves money, but you feel a sense of pride doing a project and seeing the results plus you're not being dependent on someone else to do the job for you.

Are you a woman who would like to do your own home projects?
I want to suggest having your own tool box. If you're like me, I have many uses for the 'butter knife' other than spreading butter, but have since replaced that with the appropriate tools.

A general toolbox should include:
Safety glasses, gloves, hammer, hacksaw, six in one screwdriver, 25 foot tape measure, utility blade, staple gun, caulk gun, wood glue, painters' masking tape, plumbing tape, pliers, adjustable wrench, outdoor extension cord, plug in voltage tester, wire cutters, nails, screws and bolts of assorted sizes, electrical tape, level

Some power tools you should own:
Cordless drill with drill bits, electric hand sander, saw

Of course purchasing all these tools at once can be quite costly, so I recommend first purchasing a tool box and work towards filling it. One tool at a time or when you notice a sale at your favorite hardware store.

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