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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blog For Money

If the thought has ever crossed your mind about including blog advertising on your blog, I want to make you aware of a great site. allows a person to get paid to blog.

Smorty is the middle man so to speak...bringing advertisers together with bloggers. You simply write opinion posts about a product, service or website. Once the post is approved, the blogger gets paid. That's it !

You can choose subjects that interest you or pertain to the topic of your blog. If you have multiple blogs, you can include your opinion posts on all of them and while doing so, earn money and build unique content in your blog.

It is Free to sign up with Smorty...Simply, easy, and get paid weekly for your efforts.

I have found this is an added way to make extra money from blogging. We all have opinions and this is a easy way to share them and get paid in the process.

There are unlimited ways to make money online, but if you already have a blog, signing up with Smorty and deciding to blog for money is a win-win situation.

If you have any costs associated with having your blog; such as hosting, this is a great way to absorb those costs.

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