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Friday, July 20, 2007

Why PayPerPost?

You may have noticed sponsored ads appearing on this blog. I was first introduced to payperpost after reading a blog I came across on the mybloglog community. This blog reviewed payperpost in a positive way and my curiosity got the best of me.

I thought about including these sponsored ads on this blog for awhile and after weighing the pros and cons, decided it was a good idea.

I have become a member of payperpost due to the ease in which you were able to join and the wide variety of opportunities available to me. Membership is free.

I believe in a win-win situation, where everyone can benefit. The Sponsor, the Blogger and the Reader. With payperpost I can pick and choose a company or product that will benefit my clients and/or readers.

We should take every opportunity to learn what is being offered if it is of interest. Networking is extremely important and it's effect is what we all strive for. Whether it be word of mouth or blog marketing.

As with television that brings you sponsored ads for sales, new products,etc... I will be able to bring attention to certain products and/or web sites that some would not ordinarily be exposed to. I myself learned about web sites that I can benefit from when I filtered through the opportunities on payperpost .I doubt I would have had the chance to know about these sites had I not found them on the payperpost site.

I also believe that this will tune up my writing and communication. These sponsored ads are reviewed and they all have guidelines which must be followed, so the posts must be of quality.

The addition of Sponsored ads is an added perk to me as a blogger.I have already become addicted to writing and look forward to writing posts. I have been getting positive feedback, so I know I have been successful in bringing information to my readers and/clients that they found useful.

I hope I am able to bring a post that will interest you and can benefit from.

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