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Saturday, July 28, 2007

SEO Tools

See if your website is among the strongest on the web!
Strong sites and pages are popular with search engines – and users – so being aware of this issue is an important part of any online campaign.

The Page Strength Tool will let you know how you’re doing.
Just enter a URL, and it generates statistics regarding links, the site’s rank with Alexa, and a number of other factors.

This information is compiled into a single score on a 10-point scale, and is a good way of measuring a campaign’s overall success.Even if you’re already aware of your own standing, Page Strength provides a quick and easy way to research competitors.

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Website Analysis Tool This tool displays the following:
This displays the Field PageRank, Full URL PageRank, and the Domain PageRank. PageRank is Googles way to determine a website's worth.

Page Age: Page Age
Displays the year that the domain was registered and when it expires.

Google Index: Google Index
Shows the non-simular and total index results from Google.

Yahoo IL: Yahoo Inbound Links
Displays the homepage, the deep and the total inbound links from Yahoo. IL: Inbound Links
Shows all the inbound links within the Yahoo business directory.

.gov IL: .gov Inbound Links
Displays all inbound links from .gov top level domains.

.edu IL: .edu Inbound Links
Displays all inbound links from .edu top level domains.

DMOZ IL: DMOZ Inbound Links
Displays all inbound links from DMOZ.

Wikipedia IL: Wikipedia Inbound Links
Displays all inbound links from Wikipedia. Links: Links
Displays how many people have bookmarked your website on

Alexa Rank: Alexa Rank
Displays your Alexa Rank.

Sup Results: Supplemental Results
Displays how many pages have supplemental results in your Google index search.

ILQ Rating: Inbound Link Quality

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