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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Great Find: Hotel

I was invited to attend a seminar in Vegas. I don't have much experience booking travel arrangements over the 'net, so I searched for the most trustworthy site.

I came across Hotel and was completely surprised on how much they had to offer...Hotel Discounts,Gas rebates, savings up to 70%, translation of not only different languages, but currency as well (this might be needed for my next trip...) There was also a rebate of up to $100...depending on my booking. International specials, cruises, even bed & breakfasts.

You can Research and Plan Your Trip, Get Special Group rates and once you are member, you will receive monthly e-mail with their Best deals and savings for Hotel Reservations up to 70% off, for many cities worldwide including your favorite destinations.

This all peaked my interest, so I continued with a search for my designation. Upon looking further, I found I was easily able to navigate my way through in finding great prices for air fares, hotels, car rentals. The booking tools were great for someone with no experience, so that was comforting.

I did have one question regarding a hotel and found that when I called the toll free number, I was connected to someone very pleasant who helped me. It was wonderful to actually speak to someone rather than having to get those automated answering devices that take you 'round and 'round...that can be so aggravating.

I also learned there are no change or cancellation fees. That was a surprise because I didn't find that with some other sites I visited.

Maybe you'll want to visit Hotel Reservations and get Cheap Hotels for your next trip. Save time, save money...isn't that something we all look for? If you can not find the City Or Discount Hotel you are looking for you can call 1-800-447-4136 ( US & Canada ) and Worldwide at (1) 817-333-5105

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Bowrag said...

Great site. Have used it a couple times and was very pleased.