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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Do You Use a Laptop?

Seems like a silly question in the year 2007, but according to a recent survey of participants ranging in age from 24 to 64, firm leaders by Design Intelligence say...

  • 28.8% said they were not able to set up their own email accounts without assistance from IT
  • 88.5% admitted to not being proficient at using building information modeling (BIM) tools

This survey was aimed to reveal use and comfort level for well-established and emergency tools and technologies.

  • 8% said they don't use laptops
  • 19.5% don't use desktops
  • 73.5 use both
  • 80% Trust their antivirus software
  • 20% Do not

Another question asked....

Have You Ever Owned an LP?

  • 39% said yes
  • 18% said no
  • 43% asked what an LP was

If you don't know what an LP is: a long playing vinyl record

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