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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Are You a Talker or a Doer?

As I grow older, and as I watch people, I have learned there are two basic types of people.

There are talkers. And there are doers.

Lots of people are talkers. They tell you all about what they are "going to do ." They have big plans and good intentions, but all they do is talk. They're always going to do it tomorrow. They're always going to do it later. They're always "going to do it ."

Sound like anyone you know?

Then there are the doers. They might not talk about it at all - they just go do it, then tell you about it when it's done. Regardless, they DO IT. If they say they are going to do something they do it.

No matter who you are - man, woman, teenager - the results of your whole life will depend on what you DO, not what you "talk about"!

Would you like to guess which group of people are going to be the ones that experience success in life. Success in whatever they decide to do?

You're right. The DOERS!

I learned a long time ago that important things take tremendous work and perseverance. I also learned the closer you get to the realization of that goal, the greater and more intense the obstacles become. It's as if the Universe is testing you to see how much you want it.

Here's two tips to find out if you are a 'talker' or a 'doer':
Tip #1
Write yourself a letter. Make a commitment to yourself of what you are going to DO. Make a list of your goals and put them where you'll see them.

Tip #2
Write your letter, then ask a friend to mail it to you in 2-3 months. You can put it in a self-addressed, stamped envelope they will merely slip in the mail. You'll be able to see for yourself whether you are a talker or a DOER.

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Bowrag said...

Talk less; do more.

Simple but so hard for people to do.

- Like the look of the new blog