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Monday, November 12, 2007

Termites:A Year Round Problem

It is important when buying a home to have a termite inspection. This is not to be confused with a general house inspection. Having a termite inspection will entail looking for any evidence of wood destroying insects and organisms. The inspector will look at the interior of the home, including the basement or crawl spaces and the exterior of the home.

Don't be fooled into thinking that termites will not live in cold weather. Cold weather does not kill termites. It may slow them down or go into a hibernation state. Termites can be a year round problem.

There are different kinds of termites and you should watch out for drywall termites. This kind of termite does not live in soil, but lives in the walls of your home and must be treated differently.

To get more information about termites and how to kill them, make improvements to your home to keep them from getting into your walls and how to tell if you may have termites, go to Kill The Termites. This site offers guidance all homeowners shouldn't be without.

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