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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Be Kinder With Words

Was there ever a time you forgot the power of words? Words can have an enormous power to hurt, to heal, to uplift, or degrade or make or break reputations.

Words can literally change the way we see the world and how we view the people in it. To help our words to be 'good' :

Don't gossip. Gossiping can damage the teller, the listener and the subject.
Talk about ideas instead. They can educate and stimulate. Speaking poorly of others can make us feel self satisfied, but doesn't improve one's self. Even if the gossip is true, it probably isn't your business anyway to discuss. Practicing verbal restraint and not take satisfaction in news about another. When gossip is coming your way, do your best to change the subject

Think before you speak. Do you ever ask yourself who would benefit from what you're about to say? You might hurt someone's feelings or self esteem could be damaged if you make a comment without thinking first.

Confident people sometimes even have feelings of self doubt or worries. Consider sharing a kind word or compliment or smile with not only the people you know, but with strangers you come across on a daily basis. You might brighten someone's day. Look for the good in other people rather than the negative and this will keep you from not only using negative words, but being kinder with your words.

Also remember when being kinder with words towards other, include yourself also. Don't slam yourself about your faults, weaknesses or mistakes. Use them to promote self growth and tell yourself you will do better.


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