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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sending Business Holiday Cards

Should you send Holiday cards to your clients and customers? I think's not only a tradition, but shows your clients/customers are important to you.

I believe you should send cards that are high in quality. This is a reflection of your company. You do not want your company to look cheap. Stick with traditional themes, so you don't offend anyone and send only Business Holiday Cards that are tasteful.

For more suggestions, ideas and advice on sending holiday cards, I found a useful blog by Cards Direct. One blog post: 3 Ideas for Recycled Christmas Cards gives you ideas if your company would like to be 'green' this year. A company that is environmentally friendly may think buying and sending a load of paper is a bit hypocritical.

You can even Ask Miss Card Etiquette your questions involving 'card etiquette'. Here you can find useful answers to questions involving sending cards out to your clients and/or customers.

I even had a chance to view cards offered by Cards Direct. They offer 3 free samples of any card. The process is easy. Just click on request sample. The cards will arrive blank unless there is a pre-printed verse on the card. If you would like to personalize your card, the site offers help with this. What I liked best is as you are typing what you would like to say, the card is along side of the editing box, so you can view how your card will look.

With a huge assortment of professional holiday cards, my only problem was deciding which one I liked best because they were all of quality and beautiful to look at.


Business Credit Card Site said...

this is a very good idea.

AC Associates said...

Hi to The Business Credit Card Site,
Thank you for visiting. I believe business holiday cards should be sent out to acknowledge the clients/customers who support your business.
I'm glad you found this post to contain good ideas.